Coverage Options through Healthcare For Your Car

Below are our unique Vehicle Treatment Plans — specially designed by us — with your personal budget and your specific vehicle situation in mind. When you are covered by a HC4YC plan, you will have the confidence of knowing that we will be there for you when you need us.

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Our basic powertrain warranty plan. It covers all the lubricated parts of your engine, transmission, differential and transfer case.

Includes everything in the DriveTrain (DT) plan PLUS additional major component groups and their associated parts.

A step up from PlusCare, it adds even more major component groups of the vehicle and many of their associated parts.

The most comprehensive plan we offer. It covers practically all of your vehicle’s mechanical and electrical components, and is truly worthy of its name.

If You have paid all applicable surcharges for your car, this Vehicle Service Contract will cover necessary repairs to ALL of the mechanical and electrical parts of your car, except those items listed under “WHAT IS NOT COVERED.”